Enrolment: Min. 6 Max. 8 Students

Program: 4 Weeks

Class Duration: 1 hrs.


SUNDAYS- 7:00 - 8:00 PM


September 29, 2019



4 Weeks: $110.00 + HST



This program is geared toward actors who have made the choice to pursue acting professionally. The course has a primary focus on partnered scene study. 


Topics covered:


1. Using the camera to your advantage. Give the shots they need in the audition room & on set.

2. Character Development.

3. Approach small, medium and large roles from different angles.

4. Learn how to embrace redirections.

5. Own the room & nail your auditions.

6. Play actions to cover emotions.

7. Develop the actor’s confidence.

8. Transition smoothly and instantly between scenes which require drastically different emotional states.

9. Working from negative emotions.



Michael was born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. He is an only child and is currently married with two children. Michael took an interest in the arts and football in high school, playing the musical role of Simon Zealot in Jesus Christ Super Star. He played university football at Carleton University prior to playing professionally in Germany in 1998. Michael was a high school drama and history teacher for 7 years prior to pursuing his career full time as an active ACTRA member since 2009. He has over 18 movie and television series credits, with roles as varied as prison guard (The Awakening, Warehouse 13, Breakout Kings, Covert Affairs), police officer (Flashpoint, The Firm, Alphas, Lost After Dark, House on the Hill), medic/doctor (The Fighting Man, The Captive, The Intruders), cottager (The Privileged), as well as stand in for Andy Garcia in The Truth . Michael has recently completed Christmas with the Cartwrights (release December 2014) and 2015 releases for Coconut Heroes, Hard Rock Medical and Born to Be Blue.


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