MAS ACTING STUDIOS Consultations fall under two categories :



For actors and/or parents wanting information or direction on a variety of different industry related topics. The industry consultation will provide insight on where to get started, training, agents, casting, union vs. non union, headshots (which may include a review of photos) and resume design. This is a great option for actors who are new to the business and don't know where to start.



For actors looking to troubleshoot why auditions are not turning into bookings. The progressive consultation will help to diagnose and explain why you always get a call back, but never book the job. Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and don't know how to move forward in your career. For these sessions, actors are asked to bring in material of something that they recently auditioned for and DID NOT book. If the actor does not have material, MAS ACTING STUDIOS will select appropriate sides and email out 24hrs prior to the scheduled (mock) audition. This is not a coaching session, but rather an assessment of what you are doing (or what you are not doing) when you are in front of the camera. Together, we will then review your performance on camera, highlighting your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses.


These sessions may also be used to assess your work in context of industry standards and level of competitiveness. MAS ACTING STUDIOS will either provide you with material or you can bring your own into the session.


1 HOUR INDUSTRY CONSULTATION…………..........................$60.00 * 


1 HOUR PROGRESSIVE CONSULTATION…................................$70.00 *





We know that you have questions. Whether it be your headshot, resume, demo reel or website, the MAS ACTING STUDIOS experts are here to help!


Headshot Evaluation - $15.00 *


Send us up to thirty [30] of your headshots, as well as a non-headshot photo (selfies work!) so that we can get a sense of who you are when you are not in a headshot session. All of your material will be reviewed by Melissa and her colleagues at the studio. Submissions are reviewed Monday - Friday and you will receive a response directly from Melissa within two [2] business days.


Resume Evaluation and Edit - $15.00 *


Your resume is one of your most important marketing tools. We know what needs to be showcased on an actors resume and how to format it to industry standards. Send us what you have and we will edit it together for you. You will receive your edited resume within three [3] business days.




Website Evaluation - $20.00 *


Your website is your online space where you can showcase your professional work in detail. Everything needs to be conveniently in one place: your reels, headshots, resumé, reviews, etc. You must have your personal website organized in a very particular way that lets agents, managers and casting directors know who you are as a professional, an artist and a person.


Demo Reel Evaluation - $15.00 *


Is your reel doing its job or is it holding you back? Send us your demo reel via link and we will evaluate it for you. Your demo reel will be viewed by professionals in the industry constantly throughout your career. Choosing the wrong clip to showcase in your reel can mean the difference between being seen or not. Melissa will review your resume and send you notes on what works and how your reel can be improved. You will receive a response directly from Melissa within two [2] business days.





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