Saturday, February 22, 2020


  10:30 AM - 6:00 PM 

$185.00 + HST




**NEW PROGRAM FORMAT** We will be covering General American, Received Pronunciation (English) and New York dialects, with sound changes, text exercises and instruction for acting in dialect. General American is a necessity for a Canadian actor, be it for commercials or film/television. Received Pronunciation, or Standard British, is the most called-for dialect next to General American, and is the sound of almost every period television show, from Reign to Downton Abbey. Knowing a New York City dialect, in addition to improving your Godfather impressions, shows up everywhere from animation to Degrassi: TNG, and is a mainstay of American film. This workshop is for beginner & intermediate level - no experience necessary. This workshop will also build on student's prior training if you have already attended a workshop with John Fleming.











JOHN FLEMING is a Toronto-based dialect coach who has worked across the entertainment fields, from Dora Award-winning theatre, to Cannes Film Festival films, to radio shows, to commercials for coffee (and other necessities). He has ran workshops and given lectures for groups including ACTRA Toronto and the University of Toronto, and has had hundreds of sessions with individual actors working throughout the industry across North America.

He is a Senior Editor at the International Dialects of English Archive, and is fluent in the International Phonetic Alphabet (though he hasn't quite mastered the clicks). He is also an avid environmentalist, and hopes that the growing interest in accents and dialects will help us to realize that we all share just one small world, and that it needs all our care.

For more information about accent & dialect coaching, visit his website at www.johnfleming.ca.

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